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Big-bag processing

Breston manufactures big bag filling stations and big bag discharge stations. Also view agricultural big bag handling.

Dosed filling or emptying a big bag is done with a big bag fill station or big bag discharge station. These machines are manufactured based on the size of your big bag and your needs. It is possible to combine this with an integrated or separated weighing system.

A vibrating platform is also optional for big bag filling stations to compress the product. If desired there is a possibility to equip the big bag filling or discharge station with dust control to minimize dust emission.

To reach a high capacity your big bag filling or discharge station can be installed as a dual system or a carousel system.

Box tipper

By using the Breston box tipper you can rotate your boxes in an easy and fast way. The tipping can be executed by an electric drive. Besides aforementioned edition it is also possible to tip the boxes through the usage of a forklift. The rebound movement is reduced which causes the box to smoothly move back into its initial position.  The box rotator suits multiple dimensions of boxes and the box rotator can also be manufactured based on the sizes of your boxes.

The box tipper can be applied when loading trucks or it can be combined with a conveyor belt or a hopper to enable a dosed transportation of product out of the boxes.

Some benefits in comparison to other brands:

  • Solid and stable construction
  • Provided with fixed stairs on the left and right side
  • Smooth fall back to initial position
  • Rubber stop in the lowest position
  • Adjustable height
  • Can be easily moved by a forklift

Box fillers

The usage of Breston box fillers enables you to evenly fill your boxes with a high capacity. The box can be lifted and tipped to minimize the dropping height of the product between the box and the conveyor.

Due to the levorotatory and dextrorotatory and slidable supply conveyor, the boxes can be filled fast and evenly. The box filler suits multiple dimensions of boxes.

Some benefits in comparison to other brands:

  • Solid and stable construction
  • High capacity
  • Evenly filling
  • Adjustable height
  • Can be easily moved by a forklift


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